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Boswellia serrata

A shrub whose resin has been used for centuries.

A historical use

In India, China and Africa, Bosswellia resin has been used for thousands of years and is included in the official pharmacopoeia.

Traditional medicine attributes anti-inflammatory properties to the boswellic acids present in Bosswellia Serrata resin for the treatment of various skin and respiratory tract disorders.

Untapped properties

It has also been possible to observe convincing effects that can cause the apoptosis of cancer cells, the reduction of allergy, an anti-bacterial and anti-viral disinfectant action, a beneficial action against skin ageing… Boswellic acid deserves to be looked at closely.

Patents and reference articles

Several studies have already demonstrated the many beneficial properties of boswellic acid.
We also invite you to read the article by Dr Françoise Guiot entitled
Les acides boswelliques, un actif innovant en dermo-cosmetique active

Properties and indications


Boswellic acids inhibit nuclear factor Kappa-B (NF-Kb), a transcription factor involved in the inflammatory response. They also inhibit leukocyte elastase.


They also have an anti-allergic activity, associated with a degradation of mast cells, cells involved in allergic reactions.


These acids have the properties of protecting the skin cells against the negative effects of light (photoaging) and decreasing collagenases, keeping the skin elastic and supple.

Cancer prevention

Cancer treatments such as certain chemotherapies, immunotherapies, targeted therapies and radiotherapy can cause itching, skin rashes, hyperpigmentation, etc.
Cytoderm Creme helps to control the damage and skin reactions caused by these treatments.
Thanks to its active ingredient boswellic acid and its anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, Cytoderm helps to make undesirable skin effects disappear quickly, without the need for cortisone.

These many qualities led us to develop a high-precision extraction of these boswellic acids. The result is a product of exceptional purity, with a molecular concentration 50 times higher than the initial resin.

A comprehensive range

This pure extract has made it possible to develop the following therapeutic areas:
  • Topical extract for the treatment of skin inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or anti-aging.
  • Systemic extract for the maintenance of normal skin, DNA synthesis as well as joint flexibility and intestinal health.

Systemic products

Cytoderm boswellic

All the benefits of boswellic acid in a cream.


Helps maintain normal skin and contributes to normal DNA synthesis.

Topical products

Cytoderm cream

Eczema and psoriasis

Cytoderm Kid’s

Children’s atopic dermatitis

Cytoderm emulsion crelo

Treats skin inflammation with infection

Cytoderm anti-aging

Powerful and revolutionary anti-ageing

Cytoderm Crème

Concentrated anti-ageing. Use on the face in the morning, before applying your daily skincare and/or in the evening before going to bed.

Cytoderm Clarifying – Matifying

Cytoderm Clarifying restores radiance to your complexion!

Boswellic acids have a depigmenting action by reducing melatonin production.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action eliminates all skin imperfections.

Use: morning and evening, for a clearer, matte complexion that restores radiance.

Cytoderm Sebo 50 ml

Cytoderm SEBO treats acne in adolescents and adults

Cytoderm Sebo contains boswellic acids and geranium extract.

Boswellic acids reduce seborrhoeic production and have an anti-inflammatory action.

Geranium contributes to an antiseptic and anti-bacterial action.

This unique combination is remarkably effective on both teenage and adult acne.

Acne indications: 2 to 3 times a day.

Cytoderm Pure 50 ml

Treats skin inflammation with infection

Cytoderm Pure contains boswellic acids and Tea tree extract.

Boswellic acids combined with Tea Tree have an anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious action (viral – herpes – bacterial and mycotic).

Cytoderm Pure is the ideal solution for treating skin inflammation associated with an infectious problem.

Indications: herpes labialis, mycosis, boils, styes, etc.

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